Web Hosting + Free Domain Name
We've been designing web sites since 1995 and been dealing with domain registrars and hosting companies since then too. There are many to choose from, but why buy a domain name when you can get one free from the hosting company.

Why pay for a domain name?
Some hosting companies will give you your domain name free for one year, but we found one that will give it to you free for life and they are cheap. JustHost is in the UK, but it really doesn't matter. Their standard servers are fast and they give you everything... unlimited storage, unlimited traffic and transfer, emails, statistics, and everything you could want.

Use GoDaddy to find out if your domain name is available and then host your site at Just Host for a great price and get your domain for free, for life. Most companies "(e.g Fatcow) only offer shared hosting, which can't handle the needs of big businesses. Just Host can cater from small to large enterprises. Another reason why you should choose Just Host is their ability to provide high quality customer service all the time!  Unlike others, they don't have customer support that is fast to resolve your problems (see iPage review). And lastly, Just Host offers an anytime money-back guarantee with all their our hosting plans. The most common refund policy among web hosting providers is a 30 to 90 day refund warranty, beyond that, you lost your money for good.

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You can even choose to have image ads only and skip the text. I wouldn't recommend it though since I have found that text ads get clicked on more often. Go ahead and prove me wrong.