Making Money with Google Adsense
If you want to leverage the power of Google and its amazing search engine technology to your advantage, it pays to learn about AdSense... that is if you have a Website and some traffic to take advantage of in the first place.

The beauty of AdSense and making money is that you don't have to sell anything on your Website to make money. You could be providing information alone, and with the help of AdSense and Google, make money from the quality of your information. That is to say, AdSense will automatically provide the means of making money, if you provide the traffic/audience for its advertisements.

I have explained AdSense to several intelligent people and their eyes begin to glaze over. Not that the concept is difficult. It is just that they can't seem to grasp the fact that embedding Google code on your Web pages and making money when people click on the ads that appear is perfectly legal. In fact, it is what Google and its advertisers want. They want people to click on their ads. If they didn't why would they place them and pay when people do click on them.

The beautiful thing about Google AdSense is that it actually rewards you for you brilliance without having to talk to your advertisers, bill your advertisers, or interact with your audience of consumers. All you do is place code on your pages and the rest is automatic.

Here is an example of what the code puts on your pages:

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AdSense Offers a Variety of Ad Formats
You control the width and depth of the ads, the colors, etc. There are rules that Google is rather strict about. For instance, you can't direct people to click on the ads in any way. They don't like that. Feel it is manipulative. If you do it, they will track you down and kill your first born, or worse yet, deny you AdSense service.

You can even choose to have image ads only and skip the text. I wouldn't recommend it though since I have found that text ads get clicked on more often. Go ahead and prove me wrong.